Food Processing Experience: spirals & conveyors

Starting from the first years our company was always involved on food processing for: convey, transform and thermo-treat the food products.

cooling small line

From the firsts experience made with the eggs selecting plants and with the poultry equipment till the food sector which we always act as technical partner for assembling, testing and customer servicing of lines for the international leader companies that produce spirals and conveyors systems.

From deep-freezing to cooling, from pasteurizing to proofing, from product handling all the way to baking and frying, our company always show flexibility and technical solutions on following the customer.

Based on that huge experience we always support customers on after sales services and maintenance of plants and lines also after the warranty period.

We are always available for technical consulting for new projects, find second hand solutions and follow the customer on complete plant refit or plant adjustments and lines revamping/modifications.

For all customers which need ex-warranty support (Anaconda technology and new spirals too) and refit solutions, new line consulting and customers service our company can follow you on all these steps.

cooling Anaconda
Cooling spiral
Cooling spiral
Proofing and Freezing T-Worth
assembling of full step-proofing line
Conveyor lines – Anaconda
Proofing spiral line
Handling spiral line
spiral flexibility
spiral technology
Freezing compact spiral solution
Cooling Spiral Solution
Three tower Cooling Spiral Solution
RoofTop conveyor Solution

From Anaconda spirals & conveyors to new systems machines with one partner

We are able to follow customers in Europe and extra-EU countries from mechanical and electrical aspects till the technical evaluation of new lines and or refit / maintenance of old machines as Anaconda models.

Spare parts, second hand models and technological solutions are always available.