Fan-Stone Mill for Cereals: centrifugal air milling

Milling with the power of cyclon air flow ensure to have extra-fine flour and intact nutritional factors.

centrifugal air mill for 25 kg/h – non stop milling h 24

This unique technique of grinding grain was developed in the post-war years. In the usual flour mills, the grinding stones rotate and crush the grain. Here, contrary, the grinding process is based on a stationary grinding stone made of lava basaltic stone. The grain is ground off by a constant, swirling stream of air on the stationary millstone. There is no frictional heat, the grist is cooled and dehumidified by the air flow. Thanks to this gentle grinding process, all nutrients and vitamins are retained in the whole wheat flour.

Particularly noteworthy is the high degree of fineness of the wholemeal flour which cannot be compared with other wholemeal flour milling processes.

Among other things, according to the test reports, a fineness value (= grain size distribution of ground products made from grain) of 80% below 75 µm (micromillimeters) is achieved with rye whole grain flour. Conventional wholemeal flour has a value of 80% below 180 µm.

Who is our mill suitable for?

Especially for organic bakers who find their way back to their origins and also for private bakers who value nutrient-rich and healthy grist with all ingredients and particularly good baking quality. Even farms and direct marketers who want to stand out from others with their “farm-gate” products.

What can be ground?

All non-oily grains such as wheat, spelled, einkorn, rye, emmer, kamut, oats, millet, buckwheat and corn.

Test made with milling the rye show that with that technology is possible to obtain a thinness of the final flour of 80% lower than 75 µm.

Some key points of our model:
  • – Further developed central vortex grinding technology “vortex mill” and “centrifugal fan mill”;
  • – Controlled by PLC – simple operation;
  • – Automatic setting for all types of cereals;
  • – Independent cleaning program;
  • – No clogging;
  • – Continuously adjustable flour ejection;
  • – Easy and dust-free flour removal;
  • – 24 hour operation;
  • – Finer flours – completely ground bran;

lava basaltic chamber unit
smaller domestic model
smaller domestic model – 3 -5 kg/h no-stop h 24

Cosmic Spiral: the motion of universal energy.

What is completely new and different about this wholefood mill technique is also its dynamic, which is based on the “cosmic spiral”. The cosmic spiral can be found in nature in a variety of ways: e.g. DNA from the blood; the natural movement of air in low pressure areas (cyclones), snails; … It is interesting that this spiral-shaped movement force expands as a cleaning and refining principle in nature. In this wholefood mill solution, it is precisely this spiral movement force that is used to grind the grain.

Thanks to the gentle grinding process, the nutritional and energy values ​​remain significantly higher than with conventional whole-grain flour. The flours are refreshing in smell and taste. Flour from the vortex mill is mainly used for bakery and pastry products because of its extraordinary fineness.

The grain is ground so finely by the grinding technology of the vortex mill that the starch particles burst open and thus absorb 10-15% more moisture when it is mix with water; this will give you even taster baked goods.