Cereals and Pulses Flaking / Crushing

Simple flaking or crushing of cereals and pulses is the most useful phisical and mechanical treatment for improve the digestability of the feed for animals or prepare the raw materials for food as: brewery and bakery.

flaker with oil/molasses kit and premix mixing unit

Long time of experience and know-how allowed to find the perfect solution for flaking or crusing the cereals and legumes.

These models are suitable both for food uses (food grade) then also for feed uses (all animal species).

Machines can be equiped with a lot of accesories as:

-De-Dusting kit

-Oils/Molasses blending kit

-Vitamins/premixes mixing kit

-Raw materials infeed silos of different sizes

-Feed wagon

-Straw/Hay wagons

short video of one model equiped with facet rolls suitable for flake cereals or legumes for food uses.

equipment with de-dusting kit and mixing system
barley: super fine flakign grade
rullers are available: facet, for flaking and or pocket for crushing, depending on the final result
Haferboy model: suitable for oats for horses 40-60kg/h – pocket rollers
straw/ hay wagons
Oats flaking by Sommer
Mini-Feed Station
Magnet System before flaking
flaking machine and feed wagon
Horse saddle kit: accessory
small haferboy unit: oats and barley flaking 50-70 kg/h – feed
Feed Flaking unit
Flaking unit and oiling kit
Home flaker smaller unit: 50
barley: standard fine grade
flaker for food uses: bakery
corn crushing
raw material modular infeed silos available with different capacities
feed wagon
Flaking process short video
Flaking units for food cereal at production line
Feed flaking unit
small and medium size flaking unit – feed
Feed Dispenser Wagon
Inside Feed wagon: double unit
Feed Flaker at preparation line

Flaking or crushing?

With the two different type of rollers we can meet different results on the final raw material.

Facet rollers: these two type of rollers ensure to have a smooth sourface in which the cereal or the legume become gently flaked. Flaking is suitable for particlar type of animals, like horses as there is less dust, and suitable for food like for bakery and for craft brewery.

Pocket rollers: these two rollers have different layout and ensure to boker the cereal or the legume in a different way (the edges of the grooves aren’t smooth). Crushing the raw materials is suitable for all the animal species.