Cereal Thermo Flaking & Crushing Equipments

Full steam cooking at 120°C for maximum starch gelatinization level. Flexibily and low running costs are the keys.

Long time of know-how and experience ensured to setup the most flexible and efficient solution for thermo flaking and crushing of cereals and legumes.

With that solution which combine two main technology, the steam cooking at the first stage, and a sort of “extrusion” step at the second stage, machine can treat different type of legumes and cereals.

In the vertical cooking step we can manage the steam infeed and adjust it based on the raw material. On the horizontal step the cooking process is inside an auger like an extruder but at low pressure as we don’t want to transform phisically the raw material. Full process run at 120°C.

Third step is the flaker at the pressure of 50-60 bar, which ensure to brake down the fibers of the raw material and starting loosing the moisture.

corn flakes after cooking and flaking
3 augers model
Feed efficiency: Technical aspects
Low pressure steam system with min. 200 kgs/h of steam production
Video explanation of the PILON Thermo flaking process (ITA)
Thermo flaking process
easy and simple cooling
Easy to trasnport and easy to install
Feed efficiency: Technical aspects
Flaking unit
PILON cooling crusher / flaker
Cooling by Vibrating table: mix ok cereals and legumes after thermo flaking process

Discover the benefit of thermo-treatments of pulses and cereals.

Starch gelatinization, anti-nutritionals reductions.

Feed pre-cooked raw materials means reduce the stacrh based cereals (corn) in daily ration of 30-35% for the same performance.

Improving of digestability and efficiency means better feed convertion, energy balance and more health for the animal. More milk production, faster cycles of mono-gastrics and ruminants with saving costs.