Discover some technical solutions from our portfolio.

corn flaking for feed

Starch Gelatinization

The project ruled in China on different national farms has the main target the reduction of use of crude corn on daily basis improving the starch gelatinization (up to 70%). More performance, less costs, higher quality of the food.


De-Dusting process after the crude oats and barley

In certain food and feed process the dust caused after the mechanical flaking/crushing of the cereal is something that have to be reduce. With that complete solution the flakes of oats and barley are complete dust-free and suitable for the use inside the receipe.

complete cooling line

Bread Cooling

After the cooking process important is to cool the product before to go on the pack station. Anaconda solutions is the most reliable technology for trasport and thermic treatments of food products.


Whole grain flour: innovation for the small-medium scale bakeries

Today is becoming more and more important around the small and medium size bakeries improve the quality of the final product using whole grain stone milled flour. For that pourpose we support them with the stone mill PRO 200 for PROFESSIONAL use, which ensure hight quality granulometry and performance.

lava basaltic stone

Air Cyclone and Lava basaltic stone

The innovative solution of use the air centrifugal force which push the grain against the basaltic stone ensure to obtain an extra-fine wholegrain flour and with all unaltered nutritional factors. Discover more technical aspects writing us.

special accessory for air fan mill

Every mill can be equiped with different accessories

Today is becoming important to have flexibility on the production cycles. Taylor-made accessories can ensure non-stop production for the air-fan mills as the air cyclone technology ensure to work at cool temperature and for long time. This permit to bakeries to obtain every day fresh wholegrain flour and done to the final product an exceptional taste. Full electronic controls ensure to organize better the milling cycles.

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