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Tecnopool Anaconda – Bread cooling
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Pilon Roberto snc Steam Cooking and flaking system

Our Story

Albatros srl is a family company ruled by passion.

Albatros srl company was created from over thirty years of experience of the founder Michele Callegaro in installation in the 80s of the first automatic egg grading machines of the Dutch company Stalkaat.

After a strong experience gained in the Netherlands for technical training, he joined the R&D department of Facco spa company where he was always held an operational role and followed, again as a technician with complete training in electronics, in Tecno Impianti company, ex. Facco Italia, always in the sector of laying hens.


Since the 90’s he was collaborating in the technical department of TECNO POOL company of plants for the food processing industry, especially for bakery applications.

In addition to the great experience in the thermal processes of food thanks to the cooling, freezing and proofing lines produced by Tecnopool, we gained the know-how in the steam cooking processes of cereals that has been added since 2015 to the plants assembled in China and Italy with the models of thermo-steam cooking and cereal lamination/flaking of the company PILON ROBERTO snc.

Today, the company is able to follow from the technical point of view plants engineering, electronics and testing of complex projects for complete lines both for treatment of cereals and for structured food processes (all thermal processes -40 ° C + 180 ° C ).

It can offer technical consultancy solutions on first generation plants such as the Anaconda conveyors as regards the Tecnopool / Alit plants, and on T-Worth technology. Above all, we turn to customers who are looking for out-of-warranty maintenance services for their systems, relying on extensive experience in this field.

It boasts great knowledge of integrated solutions for the thermo-cooking of cereals and technological applications for the innovative cooking of functional foods, such as linseeds, pulses and soy seeds.

The company is also engaged in high-level training by participating as a technical advisor at conferences in China to improve the nutritional efficiency of cereals in the agro-food field and by holding technical courses on steaming during the biennial meeting of the Sino-Canadian symposium in Nanjing and Beijing.


Our last experiences on the wholegrain flour stone milling technology ensured us to collect an huge experience on that field and permit us to develop in partnerhip with specialized mechanical workshops some innovative mills which use the power of centrifugal air flow and the basaltic stone chamber for obtain extra-fine and energized wholegrain flour.

We are driven by values



Technical Development and Customer Service: TP FOOD GROUP – TECNOPOOL SPA – Pilon Roberto snc

Italian distributor of: Wolfgham Mock Gmbh – Sommer Maschinenbau Gmbh

Innovative air centrifugal stone milling technolgy.

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Food and Feed Technological solutions.

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Taylor made customer service and project evaluation.

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More then 30 years of technical experience.