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Food Processing Experience

Our company want to become your partner for technical and technological support on food processing lines. Based on our expereince of more then 30 years we can follow:

  • -New projects of complete lines;
  • -Maintenance and customer service on spiral plants with Anaconda & T-worth technology;
  • -Technology and second hand lines/equipments;
  • -Plants refit and revamping;

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Vulcano Stone Mills

An ancient design but built with modern knowledge and 100+ years of experience. These mills feature volcanic stones and high quality wood and stainless steel construction resulting in low maintenance machines that produce the higher quality flour you can possible immagine!

All models include the sifter with customizable outlets for your needs. Bigger models include also the dust extractor.

M600 model with sifter and dust extractor

Fan-Stone Mill for Cereals: milling with the power of the air

We start to study innovative solutions for wholegrain milling process and after several technical evaluation we are ready to offer an innovative mill equipment based on the use of the air cyclone power.

Special grinding technique for special wholegrain-flour milled only with the power of air and the basalt stone chamber. The flour come light-coloured, light flour with all vitamins, enzymes and dietary fibre.

This special milling technology ensure NON – STOP milling process as there is no heating during the process, the grains become extra-fine flour only by the action of the air pressure against the stone chamber.

The robust and simple construction of the mill is designed for a long working life and gentle processing of the grain. The original cyclon air flow is an innovative method of milling which ensure to reduce the moisture of the flour from the original level of the raw material (usually from 12-13% to 9%).

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Cereal Thermo Flaking & Crushing Equipments

From long time we were involved on the cereals and pulses thermo-mechanical transformation with Pilon Roberto snc company. Both for food and for feed thermo flaking process are becoming more and more important. As pioner we export that machines in the Chinese market and partecipate as technical advisor in partnership with the Veterinary dept. of Beijing University on several events. We rules both technological process development and technical assembling of the full systems. Studies of new receipt and solution is always on going.

See the brochure of the first model assembled in Tibet region – China – the project was the improvement of corn starch gelatinization (more then 70%) in order to have higher quality of meat from beef: Click here

Cereals and Pulses Flaking / Crushing

From 2021 our company become partner of Sommer Masc. GmbH for Italian market. On that project we rule as commercial distributor and as technical customer service. These innovative machines ensure to flake and crushing crude cereals and pulses both for FOOD uses (Bakeries and Breweries) and for FEED uses (multigrain flaking and specials receipt with additions of oils/molasses and complete premixes). All machines are built with special Stainless Steel rollers (Facet or Pocket) in order to ensure the highest quality level of the results.

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Selling Stone Mills & Tech.

From 2020 our company become partner of Mockmill -Wolfgang Mock GmbH for Italian market. On that project we rule as commercial distributor and as technical customer service. With that project we want to enable peoples to self prepare their own flour selecting local cereals and improve health and quality of the food.

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Stone Mill – M350 Model
Barley Thermo flaked
T-Worh assemling steps
Stone Mill – M600 Model
Flaker/Crusher for Brewery and Bakeries
Air-Cyclon stone mill

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